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Online Marketing Budget | Measure your Cost-Per-Sale

Despite its importance, small businesses usually don’t spend the right amount of time to measure the ROI of their online marketing budget. Most of their online marketing decisions are often made without the information, expertise, and measurable feedback needed.

Being able to understand the results of your online marketing campaigns is vital to success in marketing. Data-base marketing helps you to identify weaknesses in your plan, determine the right mix of media and measure your ROI.

CLICK HERE to download a basic excel spreadsheet that you can use to track your online marketing budget and measure your cost-per-sale. The lower the cost-per-sale the better ROI for your business. The spreadsheet can be easily updated as many times as you want. If you are investing in banner ads, Facebook ads, pay-per-click campaigns, etc. make sure that you know what’s working for you and what not. Don’t waste your money on campaigns that are not going to deliver any results for your business. I hope you find it useful.

Most businesses have limited marketing dollars and time, I want to invite you to take your time to plan your online advertising campaign to get the best ROI possible.

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