Recuperación Económica

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Muchas gracias a Estrella Tv y Dayanis López-Reyes por la entrevista. La recuperación económica de pequeños negocios en #California y en el país será gracias a los apoyos económicos que han recibido, a la actualización de leyes arcaicas por parte del gobierno y a la capacidad que tienen los empresarios y empresarias para adaptarse a […]

3 E-Commerce Tips for a “Mom and Pop Business”

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* Versión en Español “Genere Tráfico, Provea Seguridad y Fácil Proceso de Venta” Even the smallest mom and pop businesses can get great benefits by taking their business virtual and getting an E-commerce site that will provide them with a way to get internet service. E-commerce is the function of getting an internet store and […]

Hispanic Web Retailers need to Freshen Up in 2010

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If you are planning to boost your sales in 2010 and beyond, e-commerce experts are recommending that you redesign your web site to increase sales and conversions and to grab the attention of new visitors and shoppers. I have visited several Hispanic web sites with great e-commerce platforms but there are several others that need […]

Making e-commerce more attractive to a Hispanic audience

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I ran into this opinion piece this morning: “Marketers whose long-term strategy involves engaging Hispanics online need to figure out a way to get the demographic group to be more comfortable with e-commerce, according to the author of this opinion piece, Marcelino Miyares, the director of direct-response agency Mercury en Espanol. “While Hispanics are online […]