How To Turn 1st Time Buyers Into Repeat Customers

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So many business owners skip over this or even worse never think about it. They get so caught up in finding new customers they forget about the ones they already have. HUGE MISTAKE. The only way to build a profitable and sustainable business is to have customers who keep buying your products long term. Yes, […]

How To Build An Online Following Who Turn Into Buying Customers

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If you have just made the switch to selling online or thinking about it. READ THIS! So everyone has heard about building a strong online community and why it is so important, but so many business owners really struggle with this. Here are the top 3 reasons they fail to build a loyal following They […]

Recuperación Económica

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Muchas gracias a Estrella Tv y Dayanis López-Reyes por la entrevista. La recuperación económica de pequeños negocios en #California y en el país será gracias a los apoyos económicos que han recibido, a la actualización de leyes arcaicas por parte del gobierno y a la capacidad que tienen los empresarios y empresarias para adaptarse a […]

3 E-Commerce Tips for a “Mom and Pop Business”

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* Versión en Español “Genere Tráfico, Provea Seguridad y Fácil Proceso de Venta” Even the smallest mom and pop businesses can get great benefits by taking their business virtual and getting an E-commerce site that will provide them with a way to get internet service. E-commerce is the function of getting an internet store and […]

Hispanic Web Retailers need to Freshen Up in 2010

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If you are planning to boost your sales in 2010 and beyond, e-commerce experts are recommending that you redesign your web site to increase sales and conversions and to grab the attention of new visitors and shoppers. I have visited several Hispanic web sites with great e-commerce platforms but there are several others that need […]

Making e-commerce more attractive to a Hispanic audience

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I ran into this opinion piece this morning: “Marketers whose long-term strategy involves engaging Hispanics online need to figure out a way to get the demographic group to be more comfortable with e-commerce, according to the author of this opinion piece, Marcelino Miyares, the director of direct-response agency Mercury en Espanol. “While Hispanics are online […]