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Building a Business is a Skill | Latest Posts

Ranking the Best Business Credit Cards for Small Businesses



The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Credit From Scratch



Introduction to Business Credit: What Small Business Owners Need to Know



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Tayde Aburto

May 4, 2024

Ranking the Best Business Credit Cards for Small Businesses

Tayde Aburto

March 22, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Credit From Scratch

Tayde Aburto

March 20, 2024

Introduction to Business Credit: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

Tayde Aburto

March 8, 2024

Learn How To Increase Your Customer Base And Sales

Tayde Aburto

March 5, 2024

What Are The Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Business Growth?

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    Why investing in yourself is the ultimate investment 

Think about it: when was the last time you invested in yourself? 

20 bucks on a book? 
200 in a course? 
$2000 on a conference? 

On the surface, it sounds frivolous, but it’s actually the best investment you can make. 

Personal development is the foundation of success, both in your work and in your personal life. 

- Learn new skills 
- Unleash your creativity 
- Build your network 
- Improve your mindset Everything starts with you. 

The ROI speaks for itself: 

- More confidence 
- More opportunities 
- More money 
- More happiness 

The best part? You don’t need to invest much. 

Just a little bit, every day. 

Start small and watch the benefits pile up. 

You’re worth it! Thank you, @donaldmiller and @businessmadesimple @storybrand  team, for a very productive and insightful strategy session. I’m grateful for your support, your leadership, and everything you do to provide us with the tools and resources that we need to help our clients thrive in the marketplace. 

#business #smallbusiness #businesscoach #personaldevelopement
    Personal growth is a journey where we strive to become better versions of ourselves. 

If you can honestly say you've improved as a person compared to your past self, that's a victory. 

It's about learning from experiences and making positive choices. 

Accepting change and self-improvement leads to a fulfilling life. 

So, celebrate the progress you've made on this journey of becoming a better person!

#personalgrowth #betterme #selfimprovement #journeytochange #positiveliving #mindfulchoices #embracethechange #progressoverperfection #kindnessmatters #celebrateyou
    My business partner doesn’t help. So, what now? 

First, it’s time to re-evaluate. 

What are they not doing? 
What are their strengths? 
What are their weaknesses? 

Based on the answers, decide to: 

A. Get them on board 
→ Discuss how their strengths can help 
→ Acknowledge their weaknesses and offer solutions 

B. Realign expectations 
→ Clearly define their roles and responsibilities 
→ Set deadlines and make them accountable 

C. Step back or part ways 
→ Decide the business agreement or compensation 
→ Hire help or find a new partner 

No solution is easy. 

But seeking a resolution will get you out of your rut and back on track. 

Remember: Your business depends on it.

#business #smallbusiness #businesspartner #businesscoach
    Burnout is a rite of passage for entrepreneurs. 

“I can do it all” is the mantra entrepreneurs live by. 

I used to do it too. 

But it’s not sustainable or scalable. 

1 key phrase saved my business: “It’s not my problem.” 

Yes. You read that right. 

I don’t mean to abandon responsibility or be rude. 

I mean to delegate and outsource. 

You need a team to scale. 

You need the time to focus on growth. 

Delegating enables you to: 

- Work on the things that matter 
- Grow, learn, and scale 
- Prioritize your energy and mental health 

Ask yourself: “What is not my problem?”. 

Delegate and reignite your passion for your business.

#scale #business #smallbusiness #businesscoach
    The 1% rule is about getting better bit by bit every day!

If you make a tiny 1% improvement in your skills, habits, or goals daily, it might not seem like much at first. But over time, all those small changes add up to a big, positive difference.

It's like saving a little money each day - it might not feel like a lot, but in the end, you'll see significant growth.

The idea is that consistent small efforts can lead to impressive achievements, showing how dedication and gradual progress really pay off.

Follow @taydeaburto for more inspiration!

#ProgressEveryday #OnePercentRule #ConsistentGrowth #SmallStepsBigResults #DailyImprovement #HabitsForSuccess #AchieveGoals #DedicationPaysOff #PositiveChange #PersonalDevelopment #SmallWins #IncrementalProgress #SuccessJourney #MindsetMatters #GoalSetting #CommitToGrow #SelfImprovement #PersistencePays #ContinuousImprovement #Success Mindset
    Some people think success is a matter of luck. 

I disagree. 

It’s about growth. 

Growth is intentional. 

It’s by design, not by chance. 

First, you create growth. 

Then, you sustain it. 

Here’s the formula: 

1️⃣ Focus Eliminate distractions. 
2️⃣ Plan Plan for progress, not perfection. 
3️⃣ Learn Keep learning. Never stop improving. 
4️⃣ Act Take the first step. Then the next. 
5️⃣ Persevere Keep going. 

Don’t stop when it gets tough. 

That’s how you create growth. 

And that’s how you sustain it. 

P.S. What are you doing to grow today?

#businessgrowth #scale #smallbusiness #business #businesscoach
    Advocating for small businesses in DC is something I have been doing for a few years now. I don't take that responsibility lightly. Please join my newsletter to keep you informed about issues and policies that impact your business. #smallbusiness #advocacy #digitaleconomy
    When you decide to be the one who changes how the family deals with money, you're making a big impact.

It's not just about your own success; it's about creating a lasting plan for building and keeping wealth. This decision goes beyond just your own financial well-being.

This isn't just about your own success; it's about setting up a legacy that will last for generations!

Follow @taydeaburto for more inspiration!

#generationalwealth #smartmoneymoves #financialplanning #legacyplanning #commercialrealestate #financialfreedom  #wealthmindset #futureplanning #moneymatters #legacycreation #realestateinvesting #legacywealth #mindfulinvesting #wealthstrategies
    Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. 

But they’re often overlooked in favor of big corporations. 

Why advocate for small businesses? 

- Local economic growth 
- Job creation 
- Innovation 
- Diverse culture 
- Unique products/services 

Small businesses struggle the most during tough times. 

They don’t have the resources that big corporations do. 

That’s why it’s crucial to support them. 

By doing so, we’re investing in our communities and strengthening the economy. 

So, let’s shop local, talk about small businesses in our networks, and advocate for policies that support small business growth. 

It’s a win-win for all of us.

Yesterday, we met with White House leaders to discuss:

✅Access to capital for small businesses
✅ Access to contracts
✅ Access to resources and,
✅ More ways to connect government programs and initiatives to small businesses. 

Thank you, USHCC, for the great job you are doing to advocate for small businesses, to open doors for business leaders like me, and for everything else you do for the Latino business community. 

Let’s keep working hard to contribute to the growth and development of our economy. 

#smallbusiness #business #advocacy #dc #washingtondc #businessowner #businesscoach
    To be successful, you don't always need to come up with something completely new. 

Instead, look at what successful people are doing and follow their example. 

Learn from their strategies, habits, and mindset. 

By modeling their success, you can save time and avoid unnecessary mistakes. 

It's like following a proven roadmap to reach your goals. 

Success leaves clues, so pay attention to what works for others and adapt it to fit your own journey. 

Remember, success is not always about reinventing the wheel, but rather about using it to move forward faster.

#success #modeling #learningfromothers #successclues #followingexamples #provenstrategies #successmindset #roadtomastery #successjourney #growthmindset
    The myth we’ve been sold is that success is a destination. 

But here’s the reality: 

Success hits a moving target. 

That means the finish line is constantly shifting. 

And that’s not a bad thing. 

It’s actually healthy. 

Because it means we’re always growing, evolving, and improving ourselves and our craft. 

So let’s stop chasing a false idea of success. 

Instead, focus on the journey. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

- What motivates me? 
- What brings me joy? 
- What am I passionate about? 

Find the answers and turn them into goals. 

Then, create a plan to achieve those goals. 

But remember, success is not an endgame. 

It’s a journey. 

And that journey is the most fulfilling part of the ride.

#success #life #resilient #smallbusiness #business #businesscoach
    Confidence is key, but belief is everything. 

You can be confident and still fail. 

But when you truly believe, everything changes. 

Doubt, fear, and insecurity all disappear. 

You no longer question your capabilities. 

You no longer second-guess yourself. 

You know you can do it. 

And when you know, you do. So, how do you cultivate belief in yourself? 

1. Practice positive self-talk 
2. Surround yourself with positive people 
3. Take risks and try new things 
4. Embrace failure as a learning opportunity 
5. Celebrate your successes, big and small 

Belief in yourself is the foundation of success. 

Without it, everything else falls apart. So go out there and do great things because you know you can.

#belief #business #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #businesscoach
    If you want something amazing, be ready to do things that are not usual.

To get something rare, go a different way.

Rare things aren't on the usual path; you find them in special places.

Take the road less traveled, where new and interesting things can happen.

Uncommon goals need special efforts.

The best stuff is often where others haven't gone. Don't be scared to try new things.

Special things are often just around the corner from where everyone usually goes.

Follow @taydeaburto for more inspiration!

#rarepath #uncommonjourney #extraordinaryefforts #uniquegoals #venturebeyond #specialdiscoveries #differentway #roadlesstraveled #unexploredterritories #beyourself #standout #trynewthings #uniquestory #exceptionaladventure #offthebeatenpath #hiddenbeauty
    Discipline is the key to success!

It means sticking to a plan and staying focused on your goals. 

Imagine a soccer player practicing every day, even when tired. 

That's discipline!

It helps you learn and improve steadily. 

Whether it's studying, working, or pursuing a hobby, discipline keeps you on track. 

It's like a good habit that leads to achievements. 

When you face challenges, discipline keeps you going. 

It's not always easy, but the rewards are worth it. 

So, if you want to succeed, embrace discipline!

It turns dreams into reality by guiding your efforts consistently.

Follow @taydeaburto for more!

#dailypractice #motivationiskey #mindsetmatters #reachyourgoals #staydedicated #striveforgreatness #workethic #dreamsintoreality #successjourney #disciplinedlife #hustlehard #keepgoing #smallstepsbigresults #successmindset #goalfocused #hardworkpaysoff #consistenteffort #stayfocused #achieveyourdreams #workharddreambig #disciplinewins #perseverance #nevergiveup #successhabits
    Your customers are counting on you to be their hero. 

They’re drowning in options and searching for that one hero to save them. 

You’re a business owner, but you’re also a hero. 

And being a hero doesn’t mean you’re perfect. 

It means you’re unstoppable. 

It means you show up when others don’t. 

It means you’ll do whatever it takes to help them succeed. 

Think of yourself as a guide. 

Your customers want you to lead them to the promised land. 

So, be there for them. 

Empower them. 

Take action for them. 

Be their hero.

#businessowner #businesscoach #guide #businessgrowth






    My business partner doesn't help. So, what now?  

    First, it's time to re-evaluate.  

    What are they not doing? 
    What are their strengths? 
    What are their weaknesses?  

    Based on the answers, decide to:  

    A. Get them on board 
    → Discuss how their strengths can help 

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