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Eric Schmidt Defines Web 3.0

Is Web 3.0 underway? Is Web 3.0 just a marketing term? How can we define Web 3.0? If we try to get a group of marketers or e-business specialists to agree about what Web 3.0 really is, we are not going to get any where.  For my business partners and I, Web 3.0 is a system that provides people a platform that offers different applications (social networking, e-commerce, blogs, chat, etc.)  in one site. No more software downloads! Web 3.0 businesses are going to be web services providers.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in 2007 that Web 3.0 will be “applications that are pieced together” – with the characteristics that the apps are relatively small, the data is in the cloud, the apps can run on any device (PC or mobile), the apps are very fast and very customizable, and are distributed virally (social networks, email, etc).

From a business perspective, I believe that Web 3.0 platforms will contribute to the growth and development of small businesses. It’s going to be easier for them to conduct business online.

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