Audit Your Overhead and Reduce Unnecessary Expenses



The Business Made Simple Operating System views overhead as any expense that is not directly tied to product creation, marketing, or sales.

Your overhead represents the body of the airplane, and the body of your airplane should be as light and lean as possible. When the body of the airplane is light and lean, the right and left engines can produce even more relative thrust, and your wings can produce more lift.

Overhead tends to creep up in the following areas:

• Labor
• Technology
• Sales expenditures
• Real estate
• Credit card expenses

Overhead should be audited in a routine process that takes place twice each year.

When you audit your overhead as a bi-annual process, you get:

• More cash in their operating account
• More profit
• Greater peace of mind because they aren’t wasting money
• A culture of disciplined investing rather than wasteful spending

One-one-One Coaching – Conduct an Overhead Audit

• Duration: 4 sessions
• Frequency: Bi-weekly
• Session length: 60 minutes


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