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Hispanic e-Business Initiative ~ Assuming responsibility…

After Fernando Espuelas’ speech at the 2010 Hispanic Business Showcase, my business partners and I left very motivated and ready to assume a larger responsibility in everything we undertake professionally. We decided to re-write HISCEC’s goals to let the market know where we are going. 2011 is going to be a year of changes, we have defined the role that we want to play in the market that we are in. We are an advocate for small businesses and e-business. We want to see the Latino small business community more engaged with the use of the Internet as  a business tool. We have defined an initiative that will allow us to work closely with home-based, micro and small business owners interested in lowering operating costs, improving productivity and increasing revenue via the Internet. In 2011, we are going to launch the Hispanic e-Business Initiative.

The Hispanic e-Business Initiative will work to accelerate the adoption of Internet business solutions (IBS) amongst Hispanic-owned home-based, micro and small businesses. Internet business solutions are defined as initiatives that combine the Internet with networking, software and computing hardware technologies to enhance or improve existing business processes or to create new business opportunities. (As defined on  “The Net Impact Study” | January 2002)

The adoption of Internet business solutions by Hispanic-owned small businesses will contribute to increase their productivity, one of the central determinants of the returns on investment, which is one of the key factors explaining an economy’s growth potential.

I’m very excited for what is going to happen in 2011 and beyond…“…we, Latinos, can change the future of the country in a positive way…”

Happy Holidays!

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