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Web Analytics Vendors

If you are looking for a web analytics vendor for your company’s website. Here there are a few options:

Google analytics

Free analytics product with segmentation, charts, custom reports and dashboards, benchmarking, AdWords integration, trend and date slider, etc.


Online business optimization software with real-time analytics, customized tracking, commerce reporting, site design, etc.


Manages, optimizes and expands paid-search advertising; measures online presence from static site content, etc.


Real-time lead generation built on top of a web analytics engine, online campaign conversion tracking, etc.

Yahoo Web Analytics

Provides near real-time reporting on customers, including who they are, what actions they take and how much value each visit, channel and keyword is worth; advanced data-graphing capabilities

Clicky Web Analytics

Real-time web analytics, views of data on Web site traffic, links to the sources sending traffic, etc.


Integrated online marketing solution that combines e-mail marketing with search, social and mobile channels.


Marketing optimization, merchandising, content analysis, mobile analytics, targeted e-mail, search marketing, etc.


Monitors key performance indicators for factors that influence business metrics to refine marketing and service strategies.


Web application management solution that features deep, data-level integration within web analytics product.

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