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USHCC National Convention – Workshop | Tayde Aburto Intro

Tayde Aburto, President & CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, participated in a panel discussion at the 2017 USHCC National Convention in Dallas, Texas.

The discussion was about:

“Opportunity Online: Latino and Black Small Businesses and the Internet.”

The participants discussed ways that diverse small businesses are using internet platforms and tools to drive their businesses and advance economic opportunity.

Tayde Aburto shared in his introduction how the concept of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce was born. From a research project to incorporate the first Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce in the United States.

The mission of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is to promote the use of the Internet as a business tool to help family-owned businesses to become more competitive in the marketplace.

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce vision is to be the most resourceful Hispanic business association in the Family business sector committed to enabling small businesses to do e-commerce.


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