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USHCC Chamber Training Institute – Las Vegas



I had the opportunity to attend the USHCC Chamber Training Institute session in Las Vegas on November 17 & 18. It was a very valuable session. Chamber leaders had the opportunity to learn about “The ROI of Membership”. Some of the things we learned were:

1. How to conduct Ed Rigsbee’s Member Value Process to determine the current and actual, yearly sustainable real-dollar value from membership and participation. This process is the cornerstone for all member recruitment and retention campaigns.
2. How to identify and challenge chamber activities that consume resources and deliver little ROI to members, and how to deliver member ROI versus vague value propositions.
3. How to put more ROI, real and perceived, in your current activities and member benefits.
4. How to develop an actual member ROI and member-benefit driven recruitment brochure.
5. How to plan, develop and implement a grassroots member recruitment campaign.
6. Develop staff driven member recruitment verses member-driven recruitment (and mentor assignment).
7. How to sell the above ideas to your volunteer board of directors and turn them into member
recruitment evangelists.
8. How to shift your chamber into a high-value, high-ROI delivery conduit yielding high-level member satisfaction and retention.

Plus we all have the opportunity to build new contacts and strengthen our network. Thank you USHCC and Wells Fargo for the Chamber Training Institute and all the valuable sessions that you put together for Hispanic Chamber of Commerce leaders from all over the country.




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