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The Raad Life Interview

Today more than ever enormous changes are happening in e-commerce at rapid speed in big part prompted by the Coronavirus!

The pandemic which has shut down brick-and – mortar retail has created a paradigm shifting force pushing consumers online.

BOPIS, buy online pickup in store option, rose 62% in one month! At home fitness gear online sales rose 55% in a 2 week period in March and yet apparel sales om average have seen a drop of 14% over the same period of time.

According to a study from Adobe Analytics average daily online sales for groceries doubled by middle March compared with the start of the month! In fact overall e-commerce was up 25% over the same period.

With the rising importance of e-commerce we sat down with Tayde Aburto, President of Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce and the soon to launch United States Business Chamber of E-commerce to discuss the growth of e-commerce’s importance as more than a soft amenity to many brick and mortars and the role it is playing right now and likely to morph into after Covid-19

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