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The Billion Dollar Network Show

After weeks of research and development, I finally announce the launch of my new YouTube channel. The funny thing, at least for me, is that I created the YouTube channel eight years ago to upload a TV commercial I shot for Univision San Diego in 2011. That was the only video on my channel.

I have been an active promoter of the use of video to promote your business and personal brand. I have created several videos for the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, but I never took the time to create some video content for my brand.

I’m now committed to creating video content and audio content regularly for my brand.

Why The Billion Dollar Network Show? I’ve been a connector for as long as I can remember. I’m good at connecting the right people at the right time. I believe in the power of business networking to make things happen. I have been able to build a strong business network over the years, and there is always room for more.

In today’s marketplace, where business transactions can happen anywhere 24/7 thanks to the Internet, I’m interested in connecting with more people and in opening my network of contacts to anyone interested in expanding their reach. It won’t be an open door policy; we will have to get to know each other well before I start referring you to some of my contacts. That’s the nature of the business. I’m sure you will understand that.

But Tayde, why “The Billion Dollar Network”? Because when I put my list of contacts and the list of my closest contacts together, everything turns into a billion dollar network quickly.

In terms of content, I’m going to be addressing different topics every week. I’m not going to create content based on what’s trending online or focused on stuff that can go “viral.” It’s not that kind of channel.

I want to connect with business-minded people, with a positive attitude, good connections and the willingness to connect and engage in a meaningful way.

Everyone has a story to share and at least one good contact to share. Subscribe to my YouTube channel

Thank you for your valuable support.

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