Puesto San Diego ~ Tayde Show Taco Review

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My son started a new Taco Review series about eight weeks ago. I want to share with you the Puesto San Diego review. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel and like his videos. I appreciate it.

Puesto San Diego https://www.eatpuesto.com

“This week we reviewed Puesto San Diego. From their website, Puesto San Diego story:

“It was tacos from the beginning. Our family story begins with tacos. As first-generation Mexican Americans, we have been immersed in authentic Mexican cooking since childhood. Traveling has fueled our fascination with how local cuisine reflects the people, art, and culture of a city. We frequently visit Mexico City to hunt for everything from innovative flavors to treasured family traditions handed down from generation to generation. This is where we bring all of that inspiration to life.”

Puesto San Diego is ranking number one on our Tacos Ranking San Diego. Enjoy the video! Please subscribe and share.”

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Puesto San Diego ~ Tayde Show Taco Review