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Latinos and Technology Adoption: Get Your Business Online


PewResearch Hispanic Center released on March 7, 2013 the study “Closing the Digital Divide: Latinos and Technology Adoption“. This post summarizes some of the key findings shared in the study. The analysis find that when it comes to using the Internet, the digital divide between Latinos and whites is smaller than what it had been just a few years ago. Between 2009 and 2012, the share of Latino adults who say they go online at least occasionally increased 14 percentage points, rising from 64% to 78%.


Now, lets talk about closing the digital divide between Latino-owned businesses and the general market. If you are a Latino business owner without an online presence or a weak online presence, it’s time for you to take action. There are not good excuses that can justify the reasons why thousands of Latino-owned businesses are not online. The stats shown above gives you enough reasons to have a strong presence on the Internet, why?, well, lets put it this way, you are missing the opportunity to grow your business right now!

If you decide to get your business online with a well defined Internet marketing strategy, I guarantee you that you are going to increase your sales. If you need advice or if you just want to connect with other businesses owners who have taken the initiative to use the Internet as a business tool, join the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce (HISCEC). You can join the HISCEC for free.

It’s never too late to conduct an assessment of your business operation. You can easily add an Internet marketing strategy to your overall marketing plan. You need to start thinking more strategically to get the better ROI possible from the resources that you have available to work with. The right use of Internet business solutions can help your business to increase its competitiveness, take action! There is an ocean of opportunities out there, make sure that you use the Internet to get a good share of them. Good luck!

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