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Install WordPress on GoDaddy Web Hosting

As a follow up to one of the questions posted on HISCEC’s Facebook page, I decided to create a very simple guide to show you how you can install WordPress on GoDaddy’s shared hosting. Following are step-by-step instructions:

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1. Log in to your GodDaddy Account

2. Click the “Hosting” tab and select WordPress Hosting.

3. Select the plan that best suit your needs. We recommend the Deluxe Plan.

4. Once you have selected and paid a plan. Your new hosting account will be listed under your products.

5. Now you need to setup your account.

a) Accept the license.

b) Select a user name and password.

c) Select the domain you want to host on the account and click next.

5. Select your wordpress details.

6. You will be set up with PhP 5.x for your blog. Click next!

7. Verify the information that you have provided. If you need to make changes, just clikc the “previous” button.

8. GoDaddy will send you an email indicating that your WordPress installation is complete.

In a few minutes, you will be ready to start working on your blog.

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