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Hot Chips Challenge | Tayde Show

My son has started his journey as a “YouTuber”. I’m happy to support him with his efforts. Check out his first YouTube video about the “Hot Chips Challenge”.

“I went to a local supermarket to get some of the hottest Mexican chips that are available in the market. This hot chips challenge is dedicated to every hot chips lover out there. The hot chips that I tried weren’t the hot after all but it was a fun experience. The hot chips that I reviewed were:

– Pake Taxo Flamin Hot Chips

– Chips Fuego

– Doritos ADN Xtra Flamin’ Hot

– Sabritas Receta Crujiente Chiles Rojo

– Hot Takis Zombie

I wasn’t that impressed with the hot chips selection but that’s the list that a person at the store recommended. He said that those were the Top 5 Hot Chips in the store so we had to give them a try. I think I have tried better hot chips in the past so my hot chips challenge wasn’t that “HOT” after all.” – @TaydeShow

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Thank you for supporting my son’s new project.

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