Hispanic voters most concerned about jobs, economy, Fox News Latino poll finds

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The most important issue to Latinos when casting their vote for president isn’t immigration. It turns out that, just like the rest of Americans, jobs and the economy are seen as the most critical topic.

According to a recent Fox News Latino poll, more than a third of the registered Latino voters surveyed indicated that the economy was the most important issue, with 34 percent. That was followed by education at 15 percent, national security and the military with 13 percent, immigration fourth at 12 percent and then health care at 8 percent.

“Jobs and the economy are top priorities in the Latino community,” Tayde Aburto, the president and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce which is located in San Diego, told Fox News Latino. “Before we’re Hispanic, we’re American. Immigration is a unifying issue, but not the only issue.”

“In San Diego, there are 43,000 Hispanic-owned businesses, and most are family owned. We’re pushing technology and education to help them move to the next level. We’re the core of the economy,” Aburto added.


The percentage of Latinos who identified the economy as their top concern in the voting booth actually fell from 47 percent in 2012. That may be a reflection of how big a toll on the Latino community the depression took. Even now, with the U.S. economy rebounding, experts say rebuilding lost wealth remains a vital concern for many.


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Hispanic voters most concerned about jobs, economy, Fox News Latino poll finds