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Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Foundation

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Foundation -HISCEC Foundation- is a community of change focused on ensuring that Hispanic businesses have the access to the technology and modern data tools they need to thrive in the new economy and supporting professional and personal growth through:

– Transformative Ideas & Business Expertise.
– Data tools more available to Hispanic businesses
– Supportive relationships.
– Programs that fosters collaboration and creativity for all of its stakeholders.
– Access to e-commerce resources for International Trade opportunities.


The HISCEC Foundation is committed to building sustainable economic prosperity in the Hispanic business community through the use of technology, the Internet as a business tool, access to big data, education and community engagement.


* By providing access to hands-on, project-based workshops that engage business owners, professionals and students in the use of technology and Internet as a business tool. Our goal is to facilitate the development of practical knowledge, insights and learnings for which some organizations do not have the financial resources and/or capabilities.


Our vision is to help narrow the digital divide that exists in the Hispanic business community by making data tools more available to small businesses through training, digital resource-sharing, development of analytics platforms, and low cost cloud-based business services.

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