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The HISCEC is on a mission to get Hispanic Businesses online


Did you know that 58% of US businesses do not have a website? That percentage is greater in the Latino business community.

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is ON A MISSION to get Hispanic-owned businesses online.
Why? Because there are hundreds of Latina and Latino-owned businesses in the market that offer high quality products and services but they don’t know how to promote them, they are also looking for resources that can help them to reduce cost, increase sales and to make their business more competitive.
It’s time to get as many Hispanic-owned businesses as possible online and implementing an e-business strategy to:
  • Offer them the opportunity to cost-effectively market their business
  • Organize their business processes
  • Strengthen their competitive advantage
  • Lower operating costs
  • Build strategic partnerships
  • Increase sales
  • And more…
Businesses that make use of the web expect to grow 40% faster than those that don’t.
Please sign up now to join the “Get Hispanic Businesses Online” initiative, CLICK on the following picture and follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #conectate:

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