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Got no motivation?….. Read this.

First up, I want to say it is OK to have days where you lack motivation.

Maybe today is one of those days.

You might be struggling to even find the motivation to do your normal daily tasks.

And that is totally OK too.

Motivation is one of these things that can never be constant.

Some days you’re going to be feeling super pumped and motivated and other days not so much.

So how do you ride this weird motivation roller coaster?

On the days where you have no motivation don’t beat yourself up about it. Just accept that is how you feel and try your best to continue with your daily tasks & commitments.

Because here is the thing you don’t need to be a 24hr pumped-up motivated machine to get ahead in life.

You just need to keep moving forward every day even if you’re not feeling it.

If you are always waiting to feel motivated before doing something you will never achieve your goals.

You have to just get up and do what needs to be done regardless of how motivated you are.

And on those days when you do wake up feeling like a motivated beast, go all out !!!

That’s when you have the big breakthroughs and ideas so capitalize on them.

My point is your motivation goes up and down, you just need to learn how to stay on top of things and get things done!

So STOP beating yourself up every time you feel demotivated!

You are human, it is completely normal.

Hope this post has been helpful. 


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