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Funding a Business with Credit Cards

Many of us have used credit cards to finance the operation or certain investments in the business. That practice has pros and cons. Some of the pros of funding a business with credit cards include the following:

Quick access to funds: Credit cards can provide a business with quick access to funds, which can be useful in emergencies or when a business needs to make a large purchase quickly.

Flexibility: Credit cards can be used for various expenses, from inventory to equipment to rent, providing a business with great flexibility.

Rewards and cashback: Many credit cards offer rewards and cashback for purchases, which can provide a business with a way to earn additional income.

Some of the cons of financing a business with credit cards include the following:

High-interest rates: Credit cards often have much higher interest rates than other forms of financing, which can lead to a business paying more in interest over time.

Risk of overspending: Credit cards can be easy to use, leading to business overspending and financial trouble.

Potential damage to credit score: Missed or late payments on a business credit card can damage the business’s credit score, limiting future access to credit.

There is nothing wrong with funding a business with credit cards; just be innovative and strategic with that financial tool. 

List of the credit cards I’m using now:

Amex Platinum

Hilton Honors Business Card

Chase Sapphire Reserve

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