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Frances Prado | Latina Inventor

Watch this interview with Frances Prado, one of the very few Latina inventor that own a patent. Frances Prado is the CEO of Ageless Beautiful Clever Creations, LLC. She has also been a production manager for Costco for the past 22 years.

Born in Bakersfield, California in 1966, she now resides with her family at their ranch in Jamul, California. Frances Prado is the proud daughter of immigrants who began their lives in the United States as field workers armed with nothing except determination…a trait she believes she inherited from them.
Today, Frances Prado is among the 7% of sole female inventors in the United States and one of the 0.3% of  sole Latinas that have ever been granted a patent in the United States! Frances is passionate about her business because it has allowed her the satisfaction of contributing to both the U.S. economy and to women’s charitable causes, which is, for her, the true meaning of living the American Dream.


Frances enjoys and understands the importance of maintaining her health. She makes time for the gym a few times a week. She also likes to hike and read. She loves to work on her mother’s garden that she created in her mother’s loving memory shortly after she lost her battle with cancer in 2001 at the age of 63. Frances enjoys cooking and hosting monthly Sunday brunches on her ranch for her family members.

“Create your dreams, Crave your dreams, and Cultivate your dreams.” – Frances Prado

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