“Empire State Digital” – New York’s Digital Economy Initiative

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced Empire State Digital, a new initiative accelerating New York State-based small businesses’ ability to grow their online presence through a first-in-the-nation program with leading global e-commerce enablers, including Shopify, Square, Clearbanc, and Etsy.  The partners selected by Empire State Development to participate will offer specialized solutions such as education, free resources, marketing support, and discounted pricing that is unique to the needs of New York’s small businesses. Options can be reviewed on Empire State Digital’s website which includes additional services available to small businesses from Empire State Development’s statewide resource partners, including hands-on assistance, training and counseling. 

Thank you Governor Cuomo for contributing to the economic empowerment of small and diverse-businesses through digital entrepreneurship. Great things coming for the state of New York!

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“Empire State Digital” – New York’s Digital Economy Initiative