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DEIPI Launches Enterprise Social Network Focused on Fostering Relationship Marketing Strategies

Dubalu’s enterprise social network platform includes a broad range of applications focused on building long term relationships with prospects, customers and stakeholders.

Online PR News – 15-August-2012DEIPI Group today announced the launch of its new enterprise social network platform called Dubalu Business. Private and public social networks, e-commerce and online marketing tools are the primary components of Dubalu’s enterprise social network platform. A powerful, integrated system to accelerate a company’s social vision – and create a unique approach to deeply engage with passionate consumer audiences, increase sales and improve ROI.

Dubalu Business helps enterprises to achieve substantial benefits from the use of these technologies across all parts of the organization and with customers and external partners. Dubalu’s enterprise social network platform can help companies: to improve intra-or inter-organizational collaboration and communication, to recruit new talent, to derive customer insights, to distribute business processes, to generate and foster sales leads, to promote social commerce, to provide customer service, for marketing communication/interaction and much more.

Dubalu’s platform has been coded using python programming language. Therefore, Dubalu’s scalable platform does not have any development limits, thus it is possible to add any additional functionality required for the operation of the company at any time.

“The company has worked very hard to develop a product that we can all be proud of. We have put specific emphasis on adding applications that support marketing initiatives, help to reduce operation costs and improve productivity,” said Tayde Aburto, Sales and Marketing Director for DEIPI Group. “During the last federal election in Mexico, we had the opportunity to build a social network for political participation for five different candidates. The results obtained from that initiative where very positive. The initiative helped to receive ideas, raise funds, expand volunteer networks, build support, educate the public, engage supporters and improve communication. We can be very creative about the ways that we can use Dubalu’s platform to help accomplish organizations’ goals.”

DEIPI Group has the platform through Dubalu Business to implement custom enterprise social networks that fulfill the company’s value creation needs.

DEIPI is an Internet marketing consulting firm dedicated to providing internet marketing services for businesses looking to reduce costs, increase revenue and enhance business competitiveness.

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