Historical moment for the Latino community – 2010 and beyond…

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Last September I had the opportunity to meet a person I wanted to meet since early 2009, Fernando Espuelas. Thanks to the Hispanic Business Showcase my dream came true. Fernando delivered a great speech at the event. A very positive and meaningful message that I want to share with you in this post. If you […]

If you’re lucky to have a Mexican for a Friend, you’ve got a Friend…

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I receive an e-mail this morning that shows that differences between a friend and a Mexican friend…I LOL when I read it because everything is pretty much truth! Something different for a change…not everything is about business! Comparison Thesis: FRIENDS versus Mexican Friends FRIENDS: Never ask for food. MEXICAN FRIENDS: Are the reason you have […]

Passion for what I do!

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I’m a young Latino entrepreneur, professional and family man who enjoys every single thing I do. I’m very passionate about e-business and the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. I believe in what the HISCEC represents and means for the small business community. Members of the HISCEC, family and friends have motivated us to keep working hard […]