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Block Party San Diego – The Why?

Many who follow my work and what I do at the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce know that I’m 100% committed to the economic empowerment of the family business sector in the Hispanic community, mainly in those areas where we have active members. Top priority for me right now is San Diego County where there are more than 43,000 Hispanic-owned businesses and where we are currently working to have 4,000 members by November 2018.

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Why is it so important to work on the economic empowerment of the Hispanic business community? Because if the majority of them do not perform at the market average, in whatever industry they are in, there is a negative impact on the local economy. Opposite to that, an increase in their wealth would impact more than just the Latino community.

According to the State of Latino Entrepreneurship 2016 report, most Latino firms earn less than $100,000 in annual revenue and do not have any employees. I confirm that every day as I have the opportunity to engage with Hispanic-owned businesses all over San Diego County.


Now, when you spend quality time talking to Hispanic business owners in the community, they express their interest to increase sales and reduced costs of operation but quite often, they don’t know how. We firmly believe that by using the Internet as a business tool, Hispanic family-owned businesses can become more competitive in the marketplace.

There is a lot of talk about the lack of access to capital but few conversations about increasing competitiveness in the family business sector. Teach how to do more with what they already have.

For over eight years I’ve been talking about the use of the Internet in the Hispanic business community as a business tool and the economic empowerment of the family business sector. On top of that, I’ve been an active promoter of the valuable contributions that Hispanic-owned businesses provide to the San Diego County economy. Unfortunately, all that is not “sexy” enough to get massive attention. So, at the end of 2016, while I was planning activities for 2017 it occurred to me that a program with the word “Party” in it could help to deliver the message and get more business owners involved in the movement that we represent.


Please don’t call the “Block Party” program false advertising LOL! I have to do whatever it takes to get family-owned businesses excited about the possibility of taking their businesses to the next level. I also came out with the idea of a “Block Party” to showcase the locations of the members of the HISCEC. Make all of the members more aware of where our members are and to learn more about what they do.

The “Block Party” program will also help to showcase to the general market the talented Hispanic entrepreneurs who are actively contributing to the growth and development of San Diego County’s economy.

I want to invite you to follow our journey. It may not be as fun as following any of your favorite artists, shows, etc. on social media but maybe the stories of the entrepreneurs who are actively involved with the HISCEC can inspire you in one way or another.

Join us on April 20th at the Santa Fe Depot in San Diego for a LARGE Block Party event hosted by Five Star Tours. We will have exhibit tables, food, drinks, music, raffle prizes and…Yes, we will have special speakers who will try to motivate you to use the right business tools to help your business to become more competitive in the marketplace.

By having a stronger and smarter family business sector, we can make families, communities and entire regions more prosperous. Let’s make that happen for San Diego County!

See you soon,


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