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Access to Capital by Managing Business Cash Flow

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Learn strategies that will help you access capital by managing business cash flow. Presented by: Joseph Trimble Business Liaison Consultant | Mountain Region Small Business Leader Wells Fargo Key takeaways: 1. Review your current cash flow management process and increase efficiency by making a goal out of one of the five tips shared in the […]

Cómo Hacer Crecer una Empresa

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Cómo Hacer Crecer una Empresa Tu negocio es como un avión. Hay seis partes importantes de un avión que son útiles para comprender cómo hacer crecer un negocio. 1. Cabina: Liderazgo. 2. Motor derecho: Marketing. 3. Motor izquierdo: Ventas. 4. Alas: Productos / Servicios. 5. Cuerpo: Arriba. 6. Tanques de combustible: flujo de caja. Para […]

How To Turn 1st Time Buyers Into Repeat Customers

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So many business owners skip over this or even worse never think about it. They get so caught up in finding new customers they forget about the ones they already have. HUGE MISTAKE. The only way to build a profitable and sustainable business is to have customers who keep buying your products long term. Yes, […]

How To Build An Online Following Who Turn Into Buying Customers

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If you have just made the switch to selling online or thinking about it. READ THIS! So everyone has heard about building a strong online community and why it is so important, but so many business owners really struggle with this. Here are the top 3 reasons they fail to build a loyal following They […]

You’ll get to it, you swear. Get ready for 2022!

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On-Demand Courses that Take the Mystery Out of Growing a Business Get a step-by-step plan to grow a business that works It’s always on the backburner, isn’t it? You’ll get to it, you swear — just right after you finish this project/quarter/whatever. I’m talking about your professional development. It’s the thing we ALL know we […]

Do You Ever Look Back To The Time When You Just Started ?

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I do it quite regularly and there are certain things I wish I had done sooner in my entrepreneurial journey. The majority of people think they can figure out everything on their own. Thinking they are “saving money” on coaches or experts by trying to do it themselves. Which is just an illusion. They actually […]

Speaker at World Green Growth Summit 2021

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The World Green Economy Summit (WGES) is one of the leading global forums on the green economy. It brings together world-class experts in critical sectors from around the world to directly focus on advancing the global green economy and sustainability agenda, achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and implementing the recommendations of COP21 & 22. […]