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Savings & Credit Cards | Funding for Entrepreneurs

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The most common funding source used by entrepreneurs is personal funds – funds coming from friends, family, or personal savings – at both the startup and growth-stages. Here are my four recommendations for those that are about to start a business with personal funds: Don’t run out of money. Make sure that in your business […]

Billion Dollar Network Show Intro

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The Billion Dollar Network is for business people, entrepreneurs, and professionals interested in expanding their network of contacts. Hi, my name is Tayde Aburto. For the last eleven years, I have been running the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. Thanks to that project, I have had the opportunity to go from an outsider in the San […]

Entrevista a la Chef Claudia Sandoval – HISCEC Show No. 5

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Amena entrevista con la Chef Claudia Sandoval donde hablamos sobre sus inicios, la influencia que tuvo su abuela en la cocina, como entró a MasterChef y ganó en la sexta edición del show; hablamos también sobre sus retos, su libro de cocina y el nuevo proyecto “Cochi Dorado” en el que va a emprender. Apoya […]