Advertising Communications Strategy

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Advertising communications aim to turn the buyer or consumer’s mind toward purchase. According to ZenithOptimedia, North American ad spending is projected to increase 3.6% this year to $171 billion. The planning and management of advertising is not an easy task to do. Marketers responsible for the advertising campaigns need to follow the proper steps to succeed:

1. Marketing objectives and budget
2. Target audience selection and action objectives
3. Communication objectives and positioning
4. Creative strategy and integrated communications strategy
5. Media strategy
6. Campaign tracking and evaluation

Advertising communications and promotions have one ultimate desired effect – to contribute to company profits. The company’s investment on advertising communications must increase or at least protect profit. There is a process called, the six-step effects sequence, that outlines the steps needed to reach the ultimate goal via advertising communications:

An advertising communications strategy is designed to make prospective buyers aware of the brand, create or change brand attitudes, and stimulate purchase intentions. If you do your research, you will succeed at defining the advertising communications strategy for your business.

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