Streamline Your Sales Administration Process



The most important work your sales representatives should be focused on are careful, thoughtful, and non-rushed conversations with potential buyers. Sadly, though, most sales reps spend too much of their time either qualifying leads or doing the administrative work necessary to service those leads.

A good sales administrative process includes one or two new hires that will free up your sales representatives to do what they do best: consult with and service your clients.

The two positions you should consider hiring to optimize your sales team are:

• Sales Project Manager: This team member joins the sales team to create, manage, and track all sales projects in a project management tool (such as ClickWp or even your CRM). The sales project manager owns the sales team proposal system and builds and edits proposals being sent to help close deals.

• Sales Development Representative: The Sales Development Representative is the first person at the company that a lead will encounter. It’s the job of the SDR to engage with inbound leads generated by marketing in a timely manner as the faster a potential client is contacted, the more positive their experience will be within the company.

These two positions will help optimize a sales force so they are more efficient and productive. This will increase the thrust on the left engine of the airplane and give the plane more lift.

When you streamline your sales administration process you get:

• A sales team that is optimized to build better relationships with clients and close more sales
• Less frustration and higher morale from your sales team
• Clients who are happy because they are being served well
• Higher sales and more revenue

One-on-One Coaching – Streamline Your Sales Administration Process

• Duration: 8 sessions
• Frequency: Bi-weekly
• Session length: 60 minutes


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