Install a Talent Management Playbook



A key transformation in the life of a business involves the creation and implementation of a talent management playbook.

Most business leaders start their company because they have found a terrific product their customers need. They love serving their customers and because that love shows, their company starts to grow. Of course, a growing company needs more people to serve more customers and so they begin to hire. And that’s usually where things go wrong.

Installing a talent management playbook ensures you learn how to hire the right people, onramp them well, compensate them appropriately, and retain them for a long period of time.

Hiring and retaining talent does not have to be a frustrating process. The key is to have a playbook!

Business Made Simple’s Talent Management Playbook will help you recruit and retain top talent by helping you to:

1. Create job descriptions that make it clear the exact candidate you are looking for
2. Prepare for the interview process by listing the questions you will ask
3. Execute a good vetting plan that includes checking references
4. Create a step-by-step interview map to create clarity about all the people and formats the interviews will involve
5. Prepare for the compensation package conversation
6. Design an on ramping plan that entails the first day, first week, and first 9O days for the new team member

When you install a talent management playbook you will:

• Be confident in what you’re looking for in a candidate, how to vet and interview that candidate, and finally hire and ramp up that new team member
• Install a hiring process that is intentional rather than accidental
• Reduce turnover and increase retention which means people are happy and the bottom line is positively affected

One-on-One Coaching – Install a Talent Management Playbook

• Duration: 12 sessions
• Frequency: Bi-weekly
• Session length: 60 minutes


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