Install a Management and Execution System



Implementing a good management and execution system is one of the hardest things to do in business. Still, without organizing how the work in a company gets done, its potential is limited.

The objective of a management and execution system is to generate focus and intensity.

When you use the Management and Execution Made Simple system, your people will understand the primary objective of the company, what their specific division is responsible for, and even what their individual priorities are for that day and week.

Not only this, but when run correctly, these priorities are discussed in the community through a series of meetings.

The Management and Execution Made Simple system consists of worksheets and accompanying meetings.

The five meetings are:

• An All-Staff meeting (once per week)
• Daily (or bi-weekly) Department Director meetings
• Daily Department Stand-up meetings
• Weekly Personal Stand-up meetings
• Quarterly Performance Reviews for each team member

These five meetings will get the entire team focused on clearly established objectives.

When you install the Management and Execution Made Simple system, you get:

• Increased focus and intensity -the team gets aligned around specific objectives and stops wasting time on work that doesn’t matter
• Clarity about what each person should be working on
• Open communication about the company, division, and personal objectives through set meetings, which will increase buy-in and ownership
• Increased creativity and innovation through clear and open communication channels
• Increased productivity — because the team is not wasting time working on things that don’t matter, throughput increases.

One-on-One Coaching — Install a Management and Execution System

• Duration: 12 sessions
• Frequency: Bi-weekly
• Session length: 60 minutes


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