Install a Customer Service Representative and Process



Some business owners see customer service as a necessary overhead expense. At Business Made Simple, we think of customer service as a facet of your client’s products.

Customers don’t buy so that they can use a certain product; they buy so they can get help to understand how to use that product and because buying a certain product is a simple and easy process.

The customer service representative can also be seen as a marketing and sales representative. The best kind of marketing you can have is word of mouth marketing, and a customer service representative can be incredibly helpful in spreading positive word about a company’s products and services. Because bad news travels faster and further than good news, a customer service representative is on the front lines preventing bad news from ever getting started.

People expect bad customer service. When a brand delivers excellent customer service, it creates surprise and delight moments that customers tell their friends.

A customer service representative’s job description might include the following tasks:

• Returning all customer service emails and phone calls to close out customer service tickets (using a piece of software such as ZenDesk)
• Requesting material from various departments to pass along to customers to resolve their problems
• Reviewing landing pages and e-commerce pages for the best customer experience
• Feeding troubled areas to product development, sales, and marketing so customer service issues can be resolved at their root cause
• Going the extra mile for customers to create surprise and delight moments that lead to positive word of mouth
• Assisting the sales team by explaining and on-ramping customers who have purchased products but have questions

When your client installs a customer service representative and creates clear processes for them to follow, they will:

• Generate positive word of mouth about their brand
• Prevent negative word of mouth from getting started
• Have greater perceived value of their products (because customers were able to speak with somebody and have more ease of mind about their decision to purchase)
• Build better products and services (because of the feedback loop)

One-on-One Coaching – Install a Customer Service Representative and Process

• Duration: 8 sessions
• Frequency: Bi-weekly
• Session length: 60 minutes


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