Develop a Sales Pipeline



Once a sales representative or sales team is established, make sure to install a sales pipeline. A sales pipeline is a way of tracking sales leads as they move through the stages of relationships you have established.

A good pipeline might track leads in the following way:

• Marketing Qualified Leads: These are leads who have responded to an email, downloaded a lead generator, or perhaps even filled out an application that ensures they are the kind of lead you want to talk to about your product or service.
• Sales Qualified Leads: These are leads who were once marketing qualified leads and have spoken with a sales qualifying representative. This representative’s primary job is to take marketing qualified leads, have a short conversation with them to make sure they are in a position to buy the products, then pass them to a sales representative for more substantial consultation or conversation.
• Webinar Attendees: You can automate some of the sales qualified conversations using webinars. If a potential customer attends a specific webinar, this might move them into the webinar qualified leads and mark them for further conversation.
• Deep Consideration: These leads might be marked as wanting to buy but needing more information or more time. These leads will need to be followed up in a consistent and timely manner.
• Buyers: These leads have bought your product and are marked for a follow-up call from your sales rep. Follow-up calls are very important to prevent buyer’s remorse and increase positive word-of-mouth about your products.

When you install a sales pipeline, you get:

• Clarity for your sales team. Your sales team will have clear optics on who their most important clients are at any point. They will then be able to follow up with those clients.
• Fewer sales being lost
• Increased overall revenue
• Accountability — your sales team will be able to keep themselves and each other accountable to follow up on important leads
• Accurate revenue projections — you will have accurate projections about future revenue

One-on-One Coaching – Sales Pipeline

• Duration: 8 sessions
• Frequency: Bi-weekly
• Session length: 60 minutes

Small-Group Coaching – Sales Pipeline

• Duration: 12 sessions
• Frequency: Bi-weekly
• Session length: 60 minutes
• Group size: 5-8 people


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