Create or Refine Your Digital Dashboard



Without a digital dashboard, you’re flying blind. Whether you’re running a $50K business or a $50mm business, you need real-time visibility on everything that’s happening.

Many business owners find out their business isn’t doing well too late. Months after leads begin to drop, revenue plummets, and it’s too late to fix it.

Pilots use their instrument panel to find out the truth about what’s happening to the plane. With a large place (especially when flying at night), they don’t trust their instincts as much as what the instruments are saying. This kind of qualification is called “instrument-rated,” and it’s an important qualification because the instruments don’t lie.

The digital dashboard should give you insight into both lead and lag measures.

Lead measures are measures that indicate future revenue and can include everything from new customers in the pipeline to the number of open house events you are hosting to the number of commercials you are broadcasting and even social media posts you are pushing. Think of leads as “things that lead to sales.”

Lag measures are things like revenue and closed sales. These are called lag measures because they lag behind the business’s productivity. Revenue indicates how efficiently the business did days, weeks, or months ago.

The pertinent pieces of information you need in a dashboard are:

• Revenue
• Profit
• Profit per team member
• Indication on whether your business is trending up or down
• Number of leads
• Orders or units sold

When you install a digital dashboard, you will:

• Have on-demand, real-time access to all of your key measures or metrics at a glance
• Have the ability to more quickly and confidently analyze their business, allowing them to make adjustments and decisions
• Get hooked on the story your business is telling, and you will work to improve that story continuously

One-on-one Coaching – Digital Dashboard

• Duration: 4 sessions
• Frequency: Bi-weekly
• Session length: 60 minutes


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