Conduct a Product Profitability Audit



Taking a careful look at each product you sell and ranking them from most to least profitable, as well as, most to least in demand is a terrific way to reallocate the production and marketing costs so your investments go further.

In the fog of business, it’s easy to get emotionally hooked by a product and double down on a bad investment all the while ignoring a product that is in greater demand and generates a larger profit.

Let’s face it, as business leaders, we sometimes get bored and feel like we need to constantly tinker with the product line. Conducting a product profitability audit reveals the truth about which products you should be focusing on and which products you may need to discontinue.

As I help you audit your product line for profitability, you’ll know immediately how to bring more cash into the company by allocating more time and energy toward selling the more profitable products.

When you fill out the Product Profitability Audit worksheet, you’ll also have optics on the kinds of products you want to iterate on in an effort to expand your product line to include even more products that drive profit.

When you conduct a product profitability audit, you get:

• Clear optics into which products produce the greatest profits, revealing marketing and sales priorities
• An opportunity to quickly increase the company’s profit
• A renewed focus on what problems you want to solve for customers and what products you want to sell

One-on-One Coaching – Product Profitability Audit

• Duration: 4 sessions
• Frequency: Bi-weekly
• Session length: 60 minutes


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