You’ll get to it, you swear. Get ready for 2022!

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On-Demand Courses that Take the Mystery Out of Growing a Business Get a step-by-step plan to grow a business that works It’s always on the backburner, isn’t it? You’ll get to it, you swear — just right after you finish this project/quarter/whatever. I’m talking about your professional development. It’s the thing we ALL know we […]

DEIPI Launches Enterprise Social Network Focused on Fostering Relationship Marketing Strategies

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Dubalu’s enterprise social network platform includes a broad range of applications focused on building long term relationships with prospects, customers and stakeholders. Online PR News – 15-August-2012 –DEIPI Group today announced the launch of its new enterprise social network platform called Dubalu Business. Private and public social networks, e-commerce and online marketing tools are the […]

Social Customer Relationship Management (sCRM)

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Consumers are changing and evolving with the growth of social media. The business world is ready for social media because they realize that social media is no longer considered a fad, definitely not just hype, and not going away any time soon. Social CRM is about moving from fans and followers to customers and advocates. […]

Plan de Marketing en Internet | Guía práctica para Negocios en Internet

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Para poder tener una aproximación real del negocio en el que desea emprender es necesario que se tome el tiempo para escribir el plan de marketing en Internet antes de que comience su negocio en la web. Es importante que reconozca las oportunidades y retos que ofrece el Internet para que pueda pensar de manera […]